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Zoomify Notes

Echo the entire path of all files in a directory:

for %I in (*.*) do @echo %~fI

And, drumroll, to run zoomify on all images you need to do:

for %I in (*.jpg) do @zoomify.exe -b %~fI

This assumes zoomify.exe is local to your folder. Also, you need the .exe on the end. Make certain to limit the dir to *.jpg or something similar because the zoomify.exe file actually creates files in the local directory and seems to create a recursion problem when the files appear in the folder while running the batch file.

Working through zoomify you can have a thumbnail using <img src = "../myImage/TileGroup0/0-0-0.jpg" border="0">

It looks like one must specify the full path when using the zoomify application. This works: zoomify.exe -b c:\\zoomify\\Bonanza__TMO_2009214_lrg_fc.jpg but this causes a prompt for a folder location: zoomify.exe -b Bonanza__TMO_2009214_lrg_fc.jpg even when in the correct directory.

This just in - it also matters if you have the .exe on the end of the zoomify.exe. Zoomify by itself will crash at least on Windows 7.

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