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What I've Done This Week

Today we had stake conference. I think it was funny to listen to the girls especially when they'd look at the clock and say things like "Only 40 minutes left", audible to some around as well. I guess I wonder where they get it from but apparently it's not their most favorite thing at times.

I cooked dinner and enjoyed using some of my culinary talents that I don't use often enough (especially apparent when I have a blue-cheese pasta dish). We had some Salmon and some new potatoes with steamed vegetables.

Saturday we went to see a house that just came up on our house search and was listed at a great price for the neighborhood. It's a nice house but some of the workmanship wasn't great and it also still needs a certificate of occupancy. We also looked at another house for the second time to see what we might see the second time around. We checked the Utah Sex Offender Registry of both areas to see about who lives nearby. Still looking at homes. We might be able to get a pretty good deal on a brand new home so we're looking at all options. An existing home probably has more value right now but a new home can be enticing.

Work is going well and my team is now a team of one as my other developer has been reallocated to a new project. I'll continue on this project for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to wrap a few things up this week as we have a release to the customer on Friday.

I went to the Jordan River temple in the afternoon on Thursday for stake temple day and enjoyed the time.

I released a new site for the Crisis Preparedness Handbook and that is now functional and hopefully I can spend a little time getting Google Checkout integrated.

I'm busy with my calling but things are going well. The family is healthy and we're enjoying life.

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