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Web Sockets

Just finished presenting on Web Sockets to a group of techies. We had a pretty good discussion and I think everyone went away with an understanding of web sockets.

You can check out my un-amazing powerpoint presentation or just read up on the topic. You'll either need the Chrome Dev release from the Chromium Dev Channel or you might be able to get things working with the flash web-socket-js bridge in other browsers.

I demoed an echo server that was modified from github/gimite. My modifications include opening the servers on a specified host instead of my VM's localhost. I also added two new servers called status_server.rb and date_server.rb. I think some other useful links are EM-websocket, ruby EventMachine and twitter-amqp-websocket-example. I also learned something more about how to use these at Google announces Web Sockets and The definitive source of course is Web Sockets API.

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