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With my body fighting off an infection induced through losing an entire hour of my life (thanks to Daylight Saving Time), I've been contemplating giving that hour away forever. Yeah, I don't want the hour back - Universe, you can keep the hour. But here is what I want.

One Time Zone

I want to have one time for everyone on this planet we call Earth. Instead of getting up earlier all of a sudden, we could keep our rhythms going and have no sudden changes.

What this means for me

I guess it means when someone says they want a lunch meeting at "Noon" local time, I want a universal translator that will hear "Noon" UTC, and not local. For me that might be 1800 UTC. Regardless, it would be a translator to know when I needed to be somewhere and it would work for everyone. Everywhere. That's what I want. Now to create the iPhone app that does the translation for those who are slow at math or for me when I'm short an hour of sleep.

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