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Todos - 2010-03-12

Learn how to create an entirely modular app - db, web etc..

Learn 960 Grid - now using in JosephSmithPapers project

Add comments to blog at

Create UI Template for Rails

SSL Cert (https on redesign

Learn languages - Haskell, erlang, lisp, smalltalk, scheme, clojure?

Talked with Tim Shadel - implement async call on thin or something like that for retrieving currently checked out items in windows

Work on these apps - inventory, bookworm - iphone apps - "i would have texted/called" - inventory iphone app - logger - log exercise - time tracker

learn oauth - implement with a site like goodreads maybe

  • redo twitter background for spig

  • is technical debt real? - how to measure?

  • learn design patterns

  • learn how to refactor

  • functional versus oo programming

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