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How to Use mongodump and mongorestore Commands on Heroku

How to use mongodump and mongorestore with Heroku and local Mongo instance

Install Marklogic 7.x on CentOS

Tricks installing Marklogic 7.x on CentOS

Launch nginx At Startup

How to launch nginx at startup on OS X Mavericks

Pagination Formula

Some thoughts on pagination of content

Really removing the OS X sleepimage

How to remove the sleepimage in OS X running Mountain Lion

Testing pull requests in Stash

An easy way to test a pull-request using atlassian stash

First use of XCC

Using XCC to run XQuery modules

meta bookmarklet

This shows how to retrieve fields from a page using jQuery. It should be revised to account for a site that doesn't use jQuery

Cheap Tablets

My opinion of something overheard at work

splice and IE

How to use splice in Internet Explorer

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