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11 Days

Yeah, I figured I'd start with a reminder to myself that Christmas is really close and upon us. Anyway, to the news.

Mom just finished her second primary sharing time in two weeks. I'm sure she did well and even the kids think so. E and I went to choir practice and we sing next week. E went for the first time in this ward, so I'm not certain that she'll be singing even though she says she wants to.

We spent the time yesterday shopping and then after a quick meal we went outside and played in the snow for a bit. We made a giant snowman but it fell over sometime during the night. It was a pretty good day. I also spent some time getting my Vonage phone adapter re-flashed and unlocked so that I could use it instead of my current phone adapter. This just means that I'm trying to make my internet phone calls sound better when someone is using the Internet and downloading stuff. So far it seems that my time paid off.

The girls had more testing on Thursday night and then Mom had a quilting group that she enjoys participating in right after that.

On Wednesday I went to the youth activity where they were having a great game of dodgeball. The balls they use are apparently approved by the church because they aren't too hard. It seems that my body isn't use to throwing too much so I've been pretty sore the last few days. It seemed like it was a pretty good activity.

Work is going pretty well and my project has a release tomorrow morning. I'm staying up keeping Mom company as she works on some quilts and is getting some things ready for Christmas.

Hope things are going well for each of you. Have a great week.

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