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November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we had a great week. I love having time off from work and trying to accomplish something that I don't normally have time for on a short weekend. I enjoyed spending time with family and getting together with family for Thanksgiving.


This week at work I've been finishing up a project and I completed fixing some bugs and some other requested features by a little after noon. I'll find out tomorrow if everything is copacetic and if I'll need to make any further modifications. I also helped a co-worker get some code completed before the long weekend on my primary project. Work is good. I've thought of doing something different but I just got a really nice commute and I'm not sure I'm ready to give that up yet. It's been very convenient and it makes it easier to come home for various things in case I need to help Mom.


I got to see E perform in her choir concert on Tuesday at 9 AM and thought she did a great job. It was fun to see her using her talents to have fun and improve on them.

T had a thanksgiving feast in her first-grade class Wednesday, and we provided the cranberries. Initially it was thought that the feast was on Monday, but as we didn't have any cranberries purchased and it was Sunday night, it was determined to get up early Monday morning and get them instead. I was wakened by H around 4:30 for a diaper change. I thought, "Well, I'll go and help Mom out" so I departed to the nearest grocery stores. No luck. They were closed. I decided to go to Wal-Mart where I know they are open 24 hours and made it home with the cranberries. I have to laugh, because when Mom went in to deliver the cranberries for the feast that morning, Mrs. Tedeschi, the first grade teacher, wasn't expecting them as the feast was on Wednesday. I guess we didn't have to stress about getting cranberries so early. I learned that some stores aren't open 24 hours, and that I should verify some things before getting up so early.

M is doing well. She had a birthday a couple weeks ago and enjoyed all the cards and calls she received. She is having fun in her speech class on Mondays and is almost cute when she needs a drink an hour or two after her bedtime. She is quite the negotiator too and will not accept no for an answer. We give in more quickly than she does. She just won't accept no for an answer.

H scratched his face up pretty good because he was upset, probably with me. He was just throwing fit after fit in church and eventually I'd had enough so I took him home. After I went home with him he was throwing a fit again so I put him in his crib and proceeded to get some things done. He never did calm down but I had to go back to church so I got him up and he calmed down but alas, his face had not fared well. He is sleeping in his toddler-bed and doesn't get up from his bed at night. It's cute to watch sometimes when he gets up after his nap and is all excited to start playing and causing mayhem again. He does well playing by himself and we think he just needs to have a little more help with speaking as he is close, but just not quite there. Lots of frustration not being able to communicate.

Mom is doing some quilting projects, has been called in to the primary presidency and had two other callings until today, when she was released as an activity day's leader, at least I think that was the release. She is doing most of the work on the activities committee of which I am a part as well, but they meet during the week so it's harder for me to attend. I do help out though in case you're wondering.


This weekend I finished my electronics project I started around labor day. I started the project converting my noise-canceling headset from battery, to USB power. I ran into a problem with some shorting issues I think and was able to think of a fix yesterday so after a trip to the store to pick up some heat-shrink tubing, I finished that project up.

I also finished reading Catching Fire. I have started reading Anna Karenina and I'm hoping that even though it's a long book, it won't take me five years like Les Miserables did.

I helped get a project for Mom done with making some stocking holders for our fireplace mantle. The holders she was able to find in the store cost a bit so she and I put our heads together and I decided to see what I could accomplish. They seem to look pretty good and she'll put some finishing touches on them soon.

I also installed a new thermostat that has more settings than our old one. It's been nice having the house warm when I get out of bed in the morning. Our old one required someone to sacrifice themselves to the cold as the house heated up.

It's getting dark and it's probably time to start thinking about dinner. Have fun reading my novella.

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