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Kidwatch November 20th

So, Mom is visiting Thaidra in New Orleans for the next couple days and I'm watching the kids.

Everything went well Thursday. I even felt up to going to the store, ok, 4 stores. I was looking to pick up a DVI video cable but couldn't find it. While out I picked up a take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphys and got some pie and ice cream for an after dinner snack.

The kids got to bed around 8 for M and 9 for the rest. H finally went down around 10. I stayed up late working on my website so I could get a framework laid out to use for developing new sites and keeping on top of requests and thoughts I have.

H woke up around 2 AM and I couldn't sense anything wrong so he went back down around 2:15.

This morning I woke with my alarm at 7 but I figured I could wait until 7:30 so another alarm was set. I didn't hear it and woke finally at 8:04. I guess E and T didn't remember that they had school so we made a mad rush to get them to school. I got to be responsible for E's first tardy of the year and T just picked up her second.

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