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License, registration and insurance card please...

So, this evening I was doing some church work and going to a few homes to get some signed papers. I had picked up our executive secretary to go with me and we were making our rounds. We get done with one of the houses, and start on the road to the next one and a police car is directly behind me following and as I pull into one of the circles he puts the lights on.

I pull over.

I'm wondering what I did and assume I probably failed to stop at a stop sign somewhere. Thinking back, there are no stop signs between where I was and where I'd come and I didn't think I had broken any other traffic laws. We both wonder if maybe we're busted for not having on a seat belts because we just weren't going that quickly (but we probably should have been wearing them).

So, he asks for the regular documents and I state that I don't have my license with me but I can provide him with the other documentation. I'm hearing his radio come back with details on who the car is registered to, and the information on my address and such. He states that he has pulled me over because my license plate light is out and he asks me where we are visiting. It seems that he wants to see what we might be doing, and he asks us that as well. We tell him we're out registering students for seminary and we're both dressed in our Sunday clothes.

He tells us to hang tight and goes back to his vehicle.

He comes back and wants to know where we were. He wants to know what color the houses were that we were visiting. I tell him that one of them had a light on in the upper-left bedroom and that we talked to a guy named Rico in the other. I guess he's ok with the answer and he just tells me to make sure I have my driver's license next time and to fix the light that's out.

I proceed to finish my visiting and I put on my seat belt the rest of the way home.

Why I think this happened

There is a house down the street and right next door to the houses we were visiting that has been under surveillance. In fact, the officers usually just park on our street because they have a straight view of the house. We visited one house right next door to it and one across the street. I suppose we maybe looked suspicious. This is one of the reasons we want a new house, and more importantly, one in a different neighborhood. We don't feel unsafe but it is nice not having this kind of stuff close to you.

Anyway, it was a little excitement for the night. Nothing spectacular, but more than I expected.

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