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Ok, so it was early Saturday morning, the whole day ahead of me. I thought, "What can I get done this morning?". I had been outside and it was a nice so I decided to get the Christmas lights off the roof. Mom was all for it so I went out and started to get my newly purchased ladder ready for it's first use. I adjusted the ladder to make it taller and realized that I probably needed to unlock the hinges first so that I could get the ladder up to the height I needed. So, to make a long story short, when I was adjusting the ladder to make it easier to unhinge, I had just removed the pins that held part of the ladder up and the inner portion of the ladder came down on my foot. It hurt. Really hurt. I figured I should take a look and it was really sore. Later that night it looked pretty bad. Sunday afternoon I took a couple pictures and this is what I have attached for your viewing pleasure. It doesn't appear that anything is broken and it's starting to feel a little better and I think some of the red is going away. I imagine it will hurt for a few more days though.

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