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Mountain West Ruby Conf 2010 Notes

jcasimir on github - processing language in ruby

Bundler - manage gems in app shoulda

mjijackson - mwrc2010 - github Rack - - environment - hash of CGI type variable - apps - objects that respond to call method - response - [status, header, body] middleware - like a layer of calls with your app at the center Rack::Bug - Rails rack-contrib rack/lib rack on github twitter/imiter ? - middleware @mjijackson

yehuda katz agile - basic plan, build app, modularity => reduce assumptions, increase reuse dependency injection - basically passing things around - avoid constraints - use variables => when demodularizing - use attributes (class attributes) - don't worry about object allocations - objects are good at memoization ActiveSupport::Concern - use it learn modules - how inheritance works - versus alias method chains

RFC 2616 - HTTP 1.1 Caching - Expiration, Validation, Manipulate Expires, ETag, Vary, Cache-control, max age, public/private, no-cache, no-store - tells to not backup to disk REST - representational state transfer

Gregory Brown - read open source code - maybe active open source code

Documentation pick a style and stick to it - consistent correct - make sure it does what it says coherent - have it reviewed @lsegal (twitter),

beanstalked - background processing

ABI - architecture specs interface memprof github-memprof

Pat Maddox Productive => happy themed releases - helps people feel pain of code being worked on all at the same time - technical debt - Pat says it doesn't exist

Event Machine - @tmm1 - Aman Gupta, - scale I/O heavy apps - Reactor - single threaded while loop - events can take too long and can block other events - no sleep, no long loops, no blocking I/O, no polling - can't use exceptions - error handling requires more work mix the two - threading inside of eventd event machine kpoll / kqueue async_sinatra gist - 329682 => Event Machine Demo MWRC 2010 EM Demo

@hwaet - mongodb BSON - binary json -ruby driver does a lot of work - run multiple ruby processes - embedded documents - queries should use indexes - keep indexes in RAM - keep working set in RAM - Clients (SourceForge, Github, HarmonyApp)

Haskell - purely functional - type inference - referential integrity lisperati lambda - immutable data, no state - speed up code, abstractions, parallelism - mandelbrot set - much quicker in haskell - probably because of function caching is my thought Hubris Example - mwotton on github GHC 6.12 - some version that is being used Neurogami - James Britt No 64 bit machines currently Grabs haskell code and makes it a shared obj ruby hubris / haskell hubris only takes one argument ruby strings wrapped to haskell byte strings

@ultrasaurus on twitter - Cross platform mobile ruby dev CDD - blazing cloud - rhombile - request -> rho controller -> rho model -> DB rho controller -> erb -> response rhodes mvc

Matz - talked about future ruby Hugo Gernsback - Father of Science Fiction 124C41 - one to foresee for one

ruby macros -s-exp - macro -require instead of standard require - macros aren't scoped - no gen sym, always unhygienic - pipeline - inline - puts a method inline - macro expand ("foo(4)")

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