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I'm very excited by the experimental Mozilla project, Ubiquity. It's absolutely the next step the web needs to take and is by far one of the most powerful things I've seen to date on manipulating browser content. I have long been a fan of Greasemonkey and I love the ability that it gives me to view the web as I want to see it, augmenting sites when they don't quite give the uses that one wants. Ubiquity augments this ability by making it easy to join sites together. The ability for individual mashups is endless and probably the most exciting aspect of this new technology. And, since it's open source I can contribute back. I've put up a ubiquity page for new scripts and ideas that I come up with. Hello world is there for now, so I'm hoping to add more in the near future. A quick introduction into what Ubiquity can do for you is here.

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