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MarkLogic and Ruby Xcc

I was having a problem with the mlxcc and ruby loading it. Here's how I got around it.

  1. I downloaded the mlxcc source directly (I needed 64 bit for my Ubuntu server) from subversion at

  2. There is probably a way to use the subversion source, but I was able to download the mlxcc-0.5.3.tar.gz instead and use the standard install I am more familiar with. The subversion source appears to be using autoconf and I wasn't familiar with what needed to be done to install.

  3. I ran ./configure and sudo make install.

Next, the Ruby Gem

  1. From the subversion source I ran rake gem and then sudo rake install.

  2. The one thing I had to run was ldconfig because the library file couldn't be found.

  3. Running rake alltests should show that your ruby mlxcc library is now working.

Good luck!

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