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Marklogic install

So, I've installed Marklogic for what feels like the hundredth time and I still forget to turn on CPF after I do so. So, to get content into one's database, you need to turn on CPF. Really. Here are the steps I follow to install Marklogic.

  1. Download Marklogic latest
  2. Install Alien on Ubuntu and run sudo alien Marklogic...rpm
  3. dpkg -i marklogic...dpkg
  4. Run and install license key by going to http://localhost:8001
  5. Install [ml-admin[(http://icslib/artifacts/content_media/marklogic-extensions/) file latest from the maven repository - unzip into Docs/deployment and then navigate to ML bootstrap
  6. Set up the file system deployment at port 9430. Set the security to application-level and set to the correct user. Set up rewrite script.
  7. Turn on CPF for the creation database.
  8. Install maven2.
  9. Run

Some other instructions can be found here

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