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LOL Bus Driver

I was waiting for my bus this morning and I was really glad that I haven't been taking the 356. The bus that usually arrives at 6:34 was barely getting to the start of it's route around 6:50. The funny thing is that it had passed by the turn off and was in the process of turning around. There were two people waiting for the bus I was taking that normally would have been taking the 356. I just find it really humorous because UTA just can't seem to get things right.

Here's what I think is wrong with what they do and how they could improve:

  1. They could try using the same bus driver for "Fast" bus routes so the buses actually are "Fast". Imagine if the driver actually knew where the stops/pickups were and was not left wondering and being led by the passengers.
  2. They could also try getting more buses that can fit more people. Theses commuter bus routes are generally pretty full and the UTA could run them with more space making people actually like taking the bus.
  3. The buses could arrive on time and not wait for ghost people or transfers that rarely take place.
  4. The buses could come a little later even in the morning and come home even later at night.

I doubt I'll see these changes in my time but maybe my children's children can have a chance at a decent bus system. If UTA had to actually charge what it cost to operate no one would take the bus or TRAX. I wonder if people might prefer a private alternative that could make things work and actually care about their service.

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