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Transaction Fees

What would the price of everything be if credit wasn't an option for payment?

Adding Tidy to VIM

A couple ways to make XML pretty in VIM

XQuery Modification to NERD_commenter for VIM

An update to the NERD_commenter VIM plugin

VIM Wizardry

How to alter the gf command in vim to find files with a starting '/'

Javascript - Crockford On JS Act III

Notes and insights from a Javascript presentation by Douglas Crockford

The Anatomy of Peace

Thoughts after reading "The Anatomy of Peace"

Todos - 2010-03-12

Things I thought I should work on in 2010

Mountain West Ruby Conf 2010 Notes

Notes from the Mountain West Ruby Conf 2010


Thoughts on UTC, again

Why People Post More to Twitter

Things that are harder can be more valuable

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