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Oracle and Instant Client

Some steps for installing the Oracle Instant Client

Business Objects PDF Retrieval

Business Objects PDF Retrieval

What I want from a wireless plan

What I would like to see offered in a wireless plan

IE 7 Input Change Bug

A bug in an input fields OnChange event is averted by using the setTimeout function instead

How I Rate Netflix Movies

My thoughts on my personal scale for rating movies on netflix or with other services.

My Preferred Way to Stop SSH Dictionary Attacks

A way to use iptables to block repeated ssh password attempts

Binary Upload in MarkLogic

How to upload binary content in MarkLogic

Adjusting a Date in XQuery

Adjusting an xquery date

MarkLogic xdmp:to-json()

Some strangeness of the xdmp:to-json function call in MarkLogic

Uploading XML File to MarkLogic Server using IE

How to upload an XML file into MarkLogic from Internet Explorer

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