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First use of XCC

Using XCC to run XQuery modules

meta bookmarklet

This shows how to retrieve fields from a page using jQuery. It should be revised to account for a site that doesn't use jQuery

Cheap Tablets

My opinion of something overheard at work

splice and IE

How to use splice in Internet Explorer

One of my favorite way to block ads online

How to use DNS on the router to block advertising

MarkLogic Startup Launchd

How to get MarkLogic to start on launch of OS X

IE perform action after File Input Change Event

How to trigger a file-input change event in Internet Explorer

Internal MarkLogic Error

An error received and how to fix some types of errors

xqmvc versus not xqmvc

An anecdotal comparison of xqmvc against straigt xquery calls

Sandisk, LG 570 and firmware flashing

Notes on best USB flashdrives to use for firmware flashing

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