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HDTV Over the Air

Update: I figured out that UHF is the spectrum I needed and all the antennas I've tried in the past have been inadequate as well as likely made for both UHF and VHF. The new antenna is only UHF so I have combined it with a splitter to have my VHF antenna hooked up as well.

I figured out how to get HDTV OTA on Saturday. I have been trying to not spend any money and keep my simple antenna from a few years back to get HD/Digital signal. I just haven't had the best luck and I finally decided to read up on a decent antenna. I finally settled on an antenna from Radio Shack for $30 and have been very pleased with the signal quality. I receive all the stations I thought I would and even some I didn't know about. I'm pretty glad to be done with this whole antenna business and now I can just sit back and watch the TV when I get a spare moment here or there. TV viewing for me isn't a necessity, but it's fun once in a while and I will never have cable.

The antenna can be found here

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