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My First Blu-Ray Experience

So, I recently watched the movie "Up" on Blu-ray and I was amazed at the experience. Not good amazed, although I'm sure the pixels were just spectacularly clear and crisp, but I was more amazed with how we as consumers are being thrust into this less than stellar experience by the entertainment industry.

My Blu-ray player was aware of the thorns in the experience however. It warned me that while the blu-ray was loading it might take few minutes to load the content and be "ready" to watch the movie. Ok, maybe the player has some blame, but this is one of the better blu-ray players, not a post-Thanksgiving day made from left-over parts found in electric mixers. And yes, it did take a few minutes - no previews to watch while it did its thing or anything. Dug the dog just swishing his tail and his collar flashing on and off for about 2 minutes. With anxious kids it felt a lot longer.

Second, the device would skip every so often and pause mid-movie just waiting to re-buffer maybe? Anyway, it wasn't a seamless experience. Maybe it will be when the devices catch up to the discs. I can't say that I'd re-purchase all my DVDs for the new format. Definitely no visual difference between blu-ray and DVD that I could detect. Just took longer to watch the movie with the unexplained pauses.

Definitely not a better experience.


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