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Sandisk, LG 570 and firmware flashing

I was trying to update the firmware on my LG570 blu-ray player. After the wireless download continually failed, I went to the LG support site and downloaded the two ROM files. I attempted to download the instructions as well but the download wouldn't work. I tried to fill out a web form to let them know, but that kept blanking itself after every character that I typed. So, I did eventually find a PDF that told me what to do.

The two zip files need to be extracted and placed on either a flash drive or as files on a CD/DVD. I chose the flash path but I decided to use my Sandisk flash device. It should work, right? No luck. I tried another brand of flash drive and that worked much better. I think the biggest problem was that the Sandisk has two partitions on their devices. One is a CD-ROM partition that has some U3 utility software and the one that worked didn't have that extra partition to confuse my device. So, Sandisk fails for updating firmware - and I'm pretty sure it's failed in the past for the same reason. I'm just now catching on that a Sandisk device might be great as a portable media device, but when it comes to flashing it just can't get the job done.

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