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Dumpster Diving and "I Fed the Fish"

So, this week we've been busy with the kids off track and terrorizing Mom at home waiting to pounce on Me when I get home from work. I love every minute of it - mostly. We find that a good 8-10 hours of sleep does most of them pretty well and anything less results in less than favorable results - like M crying incessantly or T having a harder time getting than is normal.

Yesterday we caulked the roof line to help prevent a leak we've been having in our garage, sealed the concrete on our front steps, cleaned out the garage, cleaned the drains in the bathrooms upstairs and caulked one outdoor light as well as repainted the inside of each outdoor light. We had plenty more to be done but we'll save that for this coming week. We then went out to eat as a family and somehow Mom got stuck with the two youngest on her side of the table. I might have planned that subconsciously.

E and another group of kids in the neighborhood have been dumpster diving this week. They knock down the blue recycle garbage can and go through it. They then collect treasures and wonder why we are disgusted. I suggested maybe this year we can just wait for Christmas to come and then celebrate the day after by rifling through our neighbors garbage looking for things to eat and play with. Yeah, we'll see if we can convince her to stop this practice.

T has been swimming well, drawing, playing and dancing. She started dance this week and made E jealous since she gets to do two activities. We're going to start E into learning the piano and we'll see how long I can teach without actually finding a teacher. We ordered a bunch of Suzuki Method piano books (all 7) and I'll be going through them as well. T also was part of the special trash sorting group. She found crayons and markers - we already have plenty, but they are so much better when they're coming from someone's trash.

M had a rough day today. She fell on our walk tonight a couple times, one of which she bashed her teeth into her lips. She is a kamikaze scooter rider and is a little dare devil. She decided to feed the fish today and ended up giving the fish the remaining contents of the fish food container. Yeah, a lot of food. There's a nice layer of food on the bottom of the tank now. She has also been wearing big girl underwear and has been keeping them dry. I told her I'd buy her a new bike when she is potty trained so she has incentive.

Last weekend we all went on a little hike around silver lake (there was probably more here but this is all that is left of the story).

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